Resolving Limiting Money Beliefs

This article emerged from my work with my How to Banish Bad Apple Beliefs and Enjoy the Abundant Fruits of Your Money Tree groups.

Resolving Limiting Money Beliefs: “I can’t make too much money or I will lose something important.”

by Terry Hickey

For coaches and healer-types, this is a very common limiting belief. It is often manifested as a struggle between wanting to have a more financially fulfilled lifestyle and wanting to stay true to a mission, such as being spiritual or family-focused. This struggle creates anxiety, lost opportunities and is often described as, “I sabotage myself”.

I recently worked with a high end coach who expressed this belief by saying, “If I really make the kind of money I am capable of, I will have to give up spending quality time with my son or have someone else watch him and I can’t do that”.

Notice that the way she structured her beliefs meant that if she succeeded at “making money” she would fail at “mothering” as she understood and defined it.

It was important that she expand her perspective in such a way that all of her could be honored.

By using specific language patterns in one session, she developed new meanings for both of those statements. Over the next week, she re-structured her business to maximize money flow (now appreciating how increased money would further free her up for more time with family) and honored her identity as “mother” by setting up child care with a person her son could learn art from.

When you find yourself in this kind of beliefs struggle, begin the process by freeing up your perspective by asking the following question:

How do I know that doing   X means that Y will result?

So the question might be, “How do I know making more money means that I can’t be a good mother?”

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About Terry: Terry Hickey, M.S., is a Certified NLP Professional Coach, Business Trainer and Consultant, a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the co-owner of NLP Advantage Group. Originator of the Belief Breakthrough Method™, Terry specializes in teaching coaches and entrepreneurs how to rapidly resolve limiting beliefs about wealth and success. His tips and strategies can help you launch yourself into the future you want… NOW.

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