Are You Getting the Input You Need?

I recently returned from my Mastermind group with James Malinchak. This was my second Mastermind with him, and it made me consider what factors make these groups effective. Capitalizing on the power of the group, they tap into a collective mind.

What is most interesting is how much of my learning came from listening to the feedback that was given to other members. I think that being in the observer role makes it possible to learn because you can be less involved personally and consider things from a different viewpoint.

The other benefit I immediately noticed was that ideas could be examined critically. A number of participants heard that their ideas were lacking in some way or possibly based on false or shaky assumptions. Because the feedback is from someone more distant, somehow it made it easier to listen. They were able to change direction.

I also learned that “because I think it’s a good idea” is not a business strategy. Sound strategies and decisions in business need more than an idea. “It’s a good idea” requires evaluation or testing. This Mastermind group provided some of that experience.

At a minimum, learn to run your ideas by objective sources that you trust. Assemble your own group or participate in others to increase your effectiveness.

Who is your best sounding board?

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