Does Perfectionism Lead to Success, or Does Perfectionism Slow You Down?

“It’s more important to be out there than to be perfect.” – James Malinchak

As I mentioned in my last post, one of the coaches I know values doing things well but is not hampered by having to be “perfect.” I’ve seen people paralyzed by perfectionism. If you need to make decisions and take action, this almost always stops you, particularly if your perfect comparative is with really high-end, absolutely-no-mistake products. How long do you think it took them to become perfect?

A better example of an approach that will allow you to take action is James Malinchak’s “get stuff done fast” method in which you allow yourself to correct things later, making sure you arrange for feedback. He believes it’s more important to be out there than to be perfect. He’s learned to take the feedback he gets and tailor what he’s doing to fit with what he’s learned from people like Bill Glazer.

Is perfectionism standing in the way of your success?

Are your beliefs about being perfect holding you back?

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