Do You Have Winning Beliefs?

Photo of Abby Wambach courtesy Pat Gunn via Wikipedia

In attempting to explain the amazing come-from-behind last-minute goal that allowed the U.S. womens soccer team (WNT) to beat Brazil, one of the announcers said, I know that the word belief gets overused, but this team just believed in themselves.

In interviews with team members, especially Abby Wambach, time and again I heard the phrase We just believed in ourselves.

If they had lost, they could have made a strong case that the referee took the game from them, for they did not spend time during the game protesting calls that had been made. They merely focused on winning.

The last goal that put the team into kick-off position was the result of a play that started deep in the WNTs defensive end and required several pinpoint passes. Every touch was important. Without those passes Abby would have never put her head on the ball and driven it deep into the net.

Brazil spent its last 5 minutes of the game faking injuries and attempting to not lose. One exception was Marta, a Brazilian player who clearly has some powerful beliefs of her own. As a team, however, Brazil clearly lacked the belief in itself that was necessary to win.

On some level the win did not surprise me, because I had bought into the belief that the U.S. Womens National Team would win.

What if you could create beliefs so powerful that you could sustain yourself, even when the referees (economy, politicians, saturated market, etc.) appear to be in opposition to you? What if, instead, you focused on winning or achieving?

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