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My friend and tenant Peter Norback inspired this month’s article. I have known Peter for 15 years, and he has lived in our rental house for over 10 years. I want to tell you why he is a hero and an inspiration, not just to me but also to others across the US. His story was even featured recently on United We Serve, the National Service Blog.

What I like about Peter’s project is that he took the question “What can you do for your community?” seriously, came up with an answer and implemented it. Because he has taken on a challenge to improve his community (and more), Peter’s actions remind me of the movie Pay it Forward.

Rather than point out the underlying beliefs that Peter exhibits, check out his post and see what you think: Fighting Hunger One Can A Week. By the way, Peter has influenced several people around the US to accept his challenge. Any takers?

(Beth and I participated for over a year in our neighborhood.)

Additional reading: National Service Blog: United We Serve 

I would love to hear what you think about Peter’s project. Share your feedback and comments below. 


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