Break Out Of the Dog Days of Summer Retreat

Energize Your Business and Boost Your Income!

“Dog Days” are the hottest, most sultry days of summer. In the Northern Hemisphere, the dog days of summer are most commonly experienced in the months of July and August, which typically observe the warmest summer temperatures.

When their clients cut back during the summer, many coaches experience a personal slowdown. Although this is frustrating and might even deflate your confidence, it is the perfect time to reset your thermostat.

Most of my clients in the summer ask me one HUGE question:

“How do I quickly get unstuck and regain my momentum?”

If you could resolve this #1 question, it would energize your business and boost your income.

My Belief Breakthrough Method™ programs are well known for providing rapid answers to this question, and I have traditionally offered them as part of a six-month commitment with an in-person component.

But now, for the first time…

I am thrilled to offer you a “condensed” version of the Belief Breakthrough Method: a virtual coaching opportunity that will allow you to take advantage of the possibility for rapid breakthroughs right away.

If you are feeling the effects of a sultry summer slowdown, it’s time for a Break Out Of the Dog Days of Summer Retreat!

Join me for this rejuvenating half-day retreat by phone or video chat. (If you have access, we’ll use Skype or FaceTime for an in-person touch!) Through this Belief Breakthrough Method™ program, you’ll get…

• A Pre-session Questionnaire to clarify your specific frustrations and goals
• A 4-hour Retreat to identify and break through what’s been holding you back
• Specific Strategies and Techniques to keep you on track
Two Follow-up Sessions to ensure your results

And to make all of this do-able, this retreat is available for an investment of just $2,397 (a mere fraction of the usual cost).

You will finally get the personal attention and rapid belief breakthroughs you’ve been waiting for so that you have the self-confidence to apply your business knowledge and advance your income.

The Break Out Of the Dog Days of Summer Retreat is right for you if you…

• Are active in your business and have invested in coaching training but are not taking the actions to achieve the results you know you are capable of
• Want results quickly and are tired of telling yourself and others why you are not where you want to be
• Keep meaning to do life-changing work with me and think you can’t afford it, but you know the cost of doing nothing is too high

Call me to discover if the time is right for this opportunity: 520.237.4435.

Register by August 31, to receive these bonuses:

• A Personalized Belief Breakthrough Hypnotic Recording tailored specifically for you to resolve unconscious blocks to your business success and accelerate achieving your goals.

• A $500 Discount for attending a Belief Breakthrough Method™ Coaches’ Intensive Program, where you will learn how to be a highly-paid coach by creating immediate     results for your clients. This transformative training provides intensive attention and education in a small-group experience. (If you register by noon on August 31, you’ll receive a special code for $500 off the listed price of the Intensive.)

So are you ready to energize your business and boost your income?!

Sign up for your Break Out Of the Dog Days of Summer Retreat today:

Register Now!

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