Is It Time to Increase Your Coaching Skills?

Because I’m interested in increasing proficiency in coaching, I am frequently asked about the importance of increasing your skills. There are a few things you should consider when trying to determine if it’s time to increase your coaching skills.

For starters, if you believe that your job is to contribute and make a difference in the world, then how can you best do that? Some of you have chosen to make a difference through coaching, others by growing businesses that make a difference, and yet others because you have a deep knowledge that it’s important. Are you fully prepared to do what it takes to make a difference through the path you have chosen?

My recent work in discovering people’s why has alerted me to the importance not only of why you do what you do, but how you do what you do.

There’s no doubt that one of the ways you can make a profound difference is by helping others be their best, and one of the ways to do your best is to be willing to achieve mastery in your work. Does this describe you?

If you consider yourself to be very good at something, you are good because you committed to learning and practicing. Otherwise you would just be dabbling at it. But are you truly dedicated to achieving mastery in coaching—learning it at such depth that it’s second nature to you?

If you put your hand on your heart and say, “I have mastered coaching,” does that statement resonate deeply, or is there a part of you that questions it?

Are there any areas of your coaching skill set that are keeping you from mastery?

Because I’ve been actively pursuing this question for the last two years, I’ve discovered that mastery starts with a decision to improve your skills. Once you decide to improve, the next important decision is to determine the best way to do it.

Those of you who know me know that I’m passionate about soccer. I’m currently the second oldest person in my league, and I celebrated my 67th birthday by playing in the last game of the summer league. I told with my teammates that it was my birthday. One of them approached me later and said, “I hope I’m even playing when I’m your age. You are continuously trying to improve your game. You’re not the best player on the field, but you have the most willingness to continue learning.”

That captured for me what mastery is all about.

Are you willing to master your game?

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About Terry: Terry Hickey, M.S., is a Certified NLP Professional Coach, Business Trainer and Consultant, a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the co-owner of NLP Advantage Group. Originator of the Belief Breakthrough Method™, Terry specializes in teaching coaches and entrepreneurs how to rapidly resolve limiting beliefs about wealth and success. His tips and strategies can help you launch yourself into the future you want… NOW.

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