Planning for Next Year? Ask Yourself These Two Questions

As you near the end of each year, it’s always useful to ask yourself what you want to accomplish the following year. I’d like to pose this question at a higher level than is typically asked—instead of what do you want to do, I challenge you to answer this question:

“Who do you want to be in the coming year?”

I’m implying that there’s a particular identity you want to assume. Answering this question about identity will require you to think about the values and beliefs that you’ll need to have in place to be that person.

All too often we just focus on our goals for the year. Those are important, but I really want you to investigate your intentions at the level of values, beliefs and identity. All too often we get caught up in goals without looking at a higher level, and that’s what I want you to focus on.

But that’s not all.

I challenge you to take this process a step further. Ask yourself, “What is the mission I want to carry out as that person?”

If you consider your answers to these questions before determining your annual goals, the actions you take next year will support your beliefs and values, and you will be in alignment. During the planning process, you’ll probably also discover that this way of questioning is more likely to highlight values or beliefs that are potentially in conflict.

Taking the time to thoughtfully answer these two questions will help you create more empowering goals for 2016—ones that are in alignment with who you are, who you want to be and what you want to accomplish.

I like to collect stories about belief change experiences. If you have any interesting ones, let me know or post them below so I can comment on them in subsequent articles or posts.

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About Terry: Terry Hickey, M.S., is a Certified NLP Professional Coach, Business Trainer and Consultant, a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the co-owner of NLP Advantage Group. Originator of the Belief Breakthrough Method™, Terry specializes in teaching coaches and entrepreneurs how to rapidly resolve limiting beliefs about wealth and success. His tips and strategies can help you launch yourself into the future you want… NOW.

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