Belief Breakthrough Method™ Series

Coaches’ Intensive Program

November 4-5, 2017


Attention High-Level Coaches:
Are you committed to helping yourself and your clients make more money and powerfully live your purpose in business and in life?


You can Quickly Break Through Money Plateaus, and have the Confidence, Clarity and Inner Peace that comes from banishing your limiting money beliefs and fully expressing your personal truth and talents with the world!



  • Would you like to learn WHY you and your clients get stuck and what to do about it… fast?

  • Would you like a step-by-step system that will help you and your clients change faster and with greater ease?

The good news is that you are not the problem.


Most coaches share the misconception that “If I just work harder or learn more, I will break through,” but it’s not about working harder. (You’re tired enough already!)

It’s also not about knowing the “right” things. You can have all the right business strategies, tips and plans in place and still get stuck when it comes to taking powerful, life-changing action.


Yet, something is sorely missing.


There’s another way you can breakthrough and advance your confidence and income… dramatically.


Unlock the power of your beliefs.


Beliefs determine your behavior, not the other way around. Without clear strategies and techniques to understand your personal money and success mindsets and beliefs—and the ability to change them—all your expertise and knowledge may fall flat.

Unresolved beliefs prevent entrepreneurs from wholeheartedly following their dreams.


There is a way to fill in missing pieces that are keeping you and your clients from getting extraordinary results.

These missing pieces include…

  • Masterful Language Skills to help your clients break through old patterns, behaviors and beliefs that keep them from maximizing their results in your programs and

  • Behavior Change Techniques that will show you what to do with a client who never seems to take action, no matter how much coaching you give them.

Let me show you a better solution.


The answer to achieving extraordinary success for yourself and your clients lies in knowing how to…

  • Quickly resolve inner conflict, some of which is unconscious,

  • Resolve problematic feelings without getting “stuck” and

  • Harness your inner wisdom and the power of your future self for lasting change.

I can show you how to do this.


I’ve developed a breakthrough, step-by-step system that will help you and your clients change faster and with greater ease.


Step 1: Discover Possibility

Stop fighting yourself as you realize the nature of beliefs and how to change limiting personal and money beliefs.

Step 2: Create Freedom

Pinpoint the exact limiting beliefs that hold you back and envision an enthralling future.

Step 3: Break Through to Confidence

Gain the keys and skills to dissolve inner conflict, releasing your true self and purpose so you express your talents with the world.

Step 4: Master the Language of Success

Gain advanced communication, negotiation and persuasion skills to create more meaningful alliances and relationships by effectively resolving conflict and honoring individual differences.

Step 5: Ensure Focused Direction

Learn powerful motivation strategies that vanquish procrastination, techniques to solve self-doubt and self-criticism, and much more.

Step 6: Design Your Environment

Clear any challenges and include powerful triggers that make your empowering beliefs last and expand over time.


This is an approach that’s good for you, good for your clients and good for your business.


See what Kristi Frank, a star of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice (Season One), says about the power of Terry’s work…


Terry has also received praise from “Big Money Speaker” James Malinchak...

“Terry is brilliant! I value his ability to quickly create breakthrough results SOOO highly that I now make certain each of my Platinum clients have private sessions with him.

“If you (or your clients) are stuck and not achieving your goals quickly enough I urge you to call Terry! What he does feels like MAGIC but the results stay for a lifetime. I can't imagine running my 7-figure business without having had his help clearing out old, limiting money beliefs and issues with honoring my value.”

Kendall Summerhawk, Million Dollar Marketing Coach


“Terry Hickey was a special guest at my platinum coaching meeting. The breakthroughs each member experienced as a result of working with him were startling. One member overcame a childhood trauma, another faced her insignificance in the face of her parents’ disapproval and how to feel empowered instead, and others discovered where their money thermostats were set and how to turn them up!

“And all of this was done in a gentle, safe and non-disruptive manner. Terry’s work is elegant, effective and FAST. If you want to help your Clients reach their business goals more quickly, he’s your man. I won’t hesitate to use his services with future coaching groups.”

Baeth Davis, Hand Analyst


Introducing Terry Hickey’s


Belief Breakthrough Method™
Coaches' Intensive Program


During this 2-day event, you’ll learn my step-by-step
Belief Breakthrough Method™ and much more!


Registrants will receive:


Live 2-Day, Small-Group Event in Tuscon (10-person maximum)

1 Private Coaching Session with Terry

Individualized Coaching Opportunities

3 Teleseminars

Digital Recordings of All Calls


In addition to these benefits, attendees will get the following bonus:


What Prevents People From Reaching Health Goals (And What To Do About It), a FREE seminar. Gain 3 skills and a technique to identify the beliefs at the core of your clients’ health problems, so clients embody their vision of wellness! ($297 value)


It’s time for YOU to have the success you dream of!


Yes, Terry, I’m ready to learn how to change my limiting money beliefs!


Please reserve my spot in your Belief Breakthrough Method™ Coaches' Intensive Program. I understand I get:

An initial 45-minute Coaching Session on the phone with Terry to set my personal goals for the course ($350 value)

2-day Belief Breakthrough Method™ Coaches' Intensive Program in a small group format of no more than 10 members ($2,497 value as a stand-alone program)

3-part Teleseminar Series with Terry Hickey, the Belief Change Alchemist ($147 value)

Digital Recordings of all calls ($47 value)


What Prevents People From Reaching Health Goals (And What To Do About It), a FREE seminar. Gain 3 skills and a technique to identify the beliefs at the core of your clients’ health problems, so clients embody their vision of wellness! ($297 value)


Individualized Coaching Opportunities (priceless)

I understand that my investment is protected by your full-money-back guarantee, and that I must be completely satisfied with this program or you will refund my money from your own pocket.


Investment Options


All of this is worth $4,582, but this package is only $2,497.


You send in your application NOW for the Discounted Price of only $1,597 (a $900 savings) when you invest in full.



I invite you to say YES to yourself and invest in this program.

Watch what previous graduates have to say about the results they experienced…




“I thought the training would advance my personal growth, and I got that and much more. I gained a whole new and different set of incredibly effective tools for my practice. I now can motivate my clients to embrace transformation! By using the experiential processes and skills, my clients are highly invested, engaged and able to absorb the information I give them.”

Andrea Nakayama, Functional Nutrition Counselor,



Rest assured that your registration is completely risk-free because of my Money Back Guarantee.


If at the end of the first day of your small group intensive, if you sincerely feel that I did not deliver what you needed to shift your money and success mindsets to increase your income right away, just let me know, and I’ll refund your investment. It’s that simple. You have my word!


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November 4-5, 2017

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November 4-5, 2017

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for 2 months


Note: This program is not for everyone. Participants need to be coaching or consulting at a level where you understand the importance of doing belief-change work. You also need to be willing to do the belief change processes for yourself so that you can lead your clients.


If you have any questions, call Terry at 520.237.4435 to talk about whether or not this program is right for you.