Terry Hickey, known as The Belief Change Alchemist, has co-authored a book with Brian Tracey, James Malinchak and several others entitled “Jump-Start You Success: 23 Speakers Share Their Insights for Creating More Success, Wealth, and Happiness.”

Terry Hickey is a credible resource in the following areas:

  • How to break through limiting beliefs for coaches and leaders
  • What people want from coaching
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) related to enhancing coaching, health, and business success
  • Role of beliefs in sports and business performance
  • How to improve outcomes and increase compliance in private practice Trade publication articles and news pieces for Physical Therapists, MDs, DOs, NDs, Nurse Practitioners, and All Patient-Centered Health Care Professionals

Terry Hickey can provide:

  • Reliable knowledge and expertise for coaching and health care best-practice articles
  • Engaging commentary as an expert for TV and radio news segments
  • Lively participation as a credentialed panelist on the future of health care and best practices for clinic owners

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Did you know…?

Terry was interviewed for the hardcover book, Expanding Your World, on how to create and maintain passion, written by leading NLP expert, David Gordon.

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Coaches Intensive Program

• Quickly Break Through Money Plateaus
• Gain Confidence, Clarity and Inner Peace
• Banish Your Limiting Money Beliefs